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History of British Cars and Manufacturers

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Driving the car of your dreams around Britain’s most popular cities

The best way to explore Britain’s cities are in front of the driver’s seat, one of the most luxury places to sit and it means you can discover new locations in complete comfort. If you’re travelling as a family, or just the two of you, you will find a car that is suitable for your needs. Read about Britain’s Best Cars.

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Custom made car kits

In our trim shop we are able to make kits either to an original pattern, tailored to fit. We make trim panels, head linings, and seats in a selection of materials, including leather to original or owners specification and colours.
In the workshop we carry out all structural repairs prior to preparing the body for the paint shop.

We use only the finest materials, and before painting inner surfaces are treated with an anti-corrosion primer. When the painting process is complete all inner surfaces are again treated with an anti-corrosive wax. We recommend that this wax treatment be repeated annually to reduce the risk of damage due to condensation in the enclosed areas.
We are able to offer a complete premium engine reconditioning service with work to the highest standard.

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Car Insurance Quotes Have Never Been Easier to Find

It always seems to come around so quickly, but there comes a time when we need to bite the bullet and renew our car insurance.  Whether you pay in one lump sum or monthly instalments, you’ll want to ensure you are always getting the best deal possible. Car insurance quotes differ quite a lot and where one lender might charge a low price on one policy, the difference can increase significantly with another.

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Classic car resources

Classic car resources

The British made classic car club has a wealth of links and resources to help you source, restore and run your classic British car.

Links: Classic and Sports Cars – Classic Chrome, London, UK

Classic Car Clubs

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List of UK Car Manufactures, now sadly closed

This is a list of current and defunct classic car manufacturers of the UK

Abbey (1922)
ABC (1920-1929)
Aberdonia (1911-1915)
Abingdon (1902-1903)
Abingdon (1922-1923)
AC (1908-present)
Academy (1906-1908)
Accles-Turrell (1899-1901)
Ace (1912-1916)
Achilles (1904-1908)

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Best british cars

Who was the best?

Engage in the debate – the British made classic car club provides the forum to discuss which of the classic manufacturers made the perfect British car.


See our latest projects

Join the British made classic car club and take a look at all of our wonderful projects that have come to fruition.

Classic Cars, Car Clubs

Can we help you with everything?
The simple answer is no. It is often necessary to sub-contract processes which we are unable to accomplish, such as casting, plastic moulding, spring making, etc, and it is essential that items are made to proper toleranced drawings. This ensures that there is a record of what has been specified, and sub-contractors can be required to rectify any non-conformance. furthermore, if you require the same component at a future date, there is an electronically stored record of what was made the first time, meaning the process becomes that much faster.

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British car manufacturers, A history of the golden age of manufacturing

A history of the golden age of manufacturing

There was a time that Britain ruled the world in terms of its manufacturing, and this was reflected in our glorious cars. Read all about the classic British car manufacturers of yesteryear.

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